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Pictures can only do so much! A showing of the event space will allow you to envision the Vault experience first hand. We will guide you through the space, and answer any questions you may have about rental fees, setup, layout, amenities and anything else you can think of!

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Once we’re assured we’ve answered all of your questions, and gone over the details of your event, you are ready to book your event! Our Catering and Event manager will walk you through your custom proposal, payment options, and timing logistics!

we schedule showings to make sure someone has the availability for you. We want to take our time and make sure all of your needs are met. Please note that all showings are scheduled after the form below has been submitted. 

For any questions you may have before you reach out to us, please check out our informative FAQ.

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Tentative date of event
Please note that if your event is held after 10PM, you are required to pay for security. The number of necessary security personnel will depend on the number of guests attending. **Set up time depends on how much you would like to tailor the venue to your event. If you anticipate hanging items, decorating tables, etc I would recommend an hour. If it is a simple set up, you should not need more than 30 minutes. Once we talk through your vision for your event, I can provide you with a better estimate on the time needed**
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